Many homeowners concern themselves with the question, will my walk-in tub be hideous? Luckily there's nothing to worry about with modern walk-in tub designs that reflect each individual's aesthetic goals. Let's dive deeper into the benefits of walk-in tubs for accessibility and safety.

What Makes a Bathroom Accessible?

A walk-in tub installation is different from other types of bathroom remodeling because it has the potential to improve lives. Standard acrylic tubs do not typically come with a slip-resistant base, a low threshold entry, or sturdy grab bars because it was not designed for safety. However, a thoughtful and ADA-compliant bathroom remodel should have all of those things.

Benefits of a Walk-In Tub for Safety and Accessibility

When considering a walk-in tub installation, it's important to evaluate all the benefits that it could provide. The great part about a walk-in tub when compared to a traditional tub or shower is that it was designed with the safety and accessibility of the user in mind. This means that every element and feature of the tub has been carefully tested and debated for its purpose. A walk-in tub has many benefits including the following:

  • Hydrotherapy: Many walk-in tub designs feature water jets to provide hydrotherapy for the user of the space. Hydrotherapy has been known to increase blood circulation and relieve stress.
  • Slip-Resistance: Whether your selected walk-in tub comes with a slip-resistant floor or not, it is extremely easy for your professional bathroom remodeler to install one for you.
  • Low Threshold: The swinging door of a walk-in tub makes it easy for an individual to enter into the deep basin without straining to lift their legs. This also helps to reduce the chance of a fall.
  • Deep Water: A walk-in tub allows for a full-body soak much like a hot tub. Soaking sore muscles in warm water is known to help with sleep and reduce mental and physical strain.

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